Hi Stefan,

Sorry for the lack of response here, actually we don't use this mailing list much, you're
the first one this year I think ;) You'll be far better welcomed on the forum
All freecad devs hang there the whole day or so...

About the assembly module, I think Jürgen (freecad's godfather) is the only one who already
gave it some thought. But I don't know if it went further than just the general idea that you saw
on the wiki.

Anyway, I'm sure your proposal would interest everybody, and it might be a good idea to start
from scratch on an empty module, there are several others that would serve you as examples.

Can you post this proposal on the forum (go directly in the devs corner)? I'm not sure who
reads this list and who not...

Thanks & Cheers

On 13 September 2011 17:53, Stefan Troeger wrote:

I am quite impressed by the work you guys have done and all the improvements
submitted lately. The big missing part right now is the assembly module.

So I thought I get my hands dirty (quite good at c++,  time to spare and occ
experience).  I would like some advise where to start with that module (as I
don’t know freecad's architecture yet), any ideas beyond the wiki page? I also
got the impression that somebody has made up his mind about that topic, so
maybe it's not the right thing to start with the freecad related stuff and go
for the constraint-solver instead?

I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts about what to do and where to