Hi Peter,

Looks very interesting! I'd have been glad to go and present FreeCAD there, but I can't be in Europe in August... But many FreeCAD devs and community members are not too far from Amersfoort, and I'm not sure if all of them subscribe to this mailing list. If you post on the forum  ( http://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/free-cad ) you might find interested people more easily.

Cheers and good luck with the event, if there happen to be talks or activities involving FreeCAD, we would love to know about it afterwards!


On 8 July 2012 19:54, Peter Uithoven wrote:
Hi FreeCAD people,

On 8 - 11 August we are hosting Fabfuse, a international grassroots Fablab conference in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. We where wondering if anyone here is interested in giving a talk about FreeCAD. 

So a bit of background; a Fablab is a place where everybody can come and use tools for digital fabrication (lasercutters, 3D printers etc). I'm one of the volunteers behind Fablab Amersfoort. This conference focuses on grassroots Fablabs, meaning Fablabs that are started without subsidy. One of the things we try to pursue is using and contributing to as much as possible opensource software and hardware. 
As you might imagine, making drawings comes in handy in these places. In my search for opensource (libre) CAD software I stumbled across FreeCAD and it seems great. Non destructive boolean operations, constrains, parametric, I want to learn more!

Let me know if this is something you would like to do. 

And of course you're more than welcome to visit the conference anyway. 

Thanks in advance, 
Best regards,
Peter Uithoven