Great! Okay, I'll do the merge today! curious to look at the new features.

Jose, what about that pyxplot dependency? Would it be possible to check for it when your module runs, and maybe add a warning to the user? I did this for the arch module (checks if pycollada is there, if yes, enable collada import, if not, disable it and warn the user), I think it's the best behaviour... In the packages dependencies, we can then mark pyxplot as recommended...

Another thing, one of these days we should start a section on the wiki for the ship module...

Yorik van Havre 
São Paulo, Brazil

On 27 May 2012 11:44, Jose Luis Cercós wrote:
FreeCAD-Ship (sanguinariojoe-ship branch) have new features that i think can be merged:

* Tanks generation
* Ship weights definition
* GZ stability parameter computation tool

Also several bugs have been fixed.

Can you merge on master branch?


This is the last "static" ship computation tool on my plans (probably bugs may fixed). Now dynamics computation tools will be developed, that requires CFD involved methods. I have big plans for FreeCAD-Ship!


Jose Luis Cercós Pita