Yes, it looks like fedora still has problems with the license of
Opencascade, the main component of freecad. It's a pity, because
most other distributions have decided to consider the opencascade
license as free. In the meantime, I think your best hope would
be some alternative fedora package provider, such as rpmfusion...

About building freecad, it is actually much easier than it looks, the
only real problem is gathering all the required libraries. On debian or ubuntu,
all of them are now available directly from the repository, but I suppose
on fedora your problem n° 1 will be obtaining opencascade...

I know all this might seem a big hassle, but actually the power
and extensibility of freecad comes directly from using that wide
array of libraries...


Yorik van Havre São Paulo Brazil

On 11 October 2010 19:47, Elliott Chapin wrote:
I have FreeCad running on XP, but would prefer to be set up on Fedora
Linux (which is what I normally use). I have worked from source, but
have found the requirements for doing so with FreeCad rather daunting,
so I'm hoping for a Fedora package.