Hi all,
I am using FreeCAD v0.12 revision 5284 on an MSI M670 laptop running Vista 32bit.
I would like to be able to use FreeCAD with the built-in touchpad rather than having to use a separate mouse. The M670 touchpad has two buttons and a scroll area to the right so zoom is fine.  However, it does not have a way to do middle mouse button click or hold. Holding Left and Right buttons down together does not work, so I am really stuck. Could you consider adding a specific 3D Navigation option for this type of Touchpad?  My suggestion on control mapping is as follows.
Select:  Left mouse button.
Pan:     Holding shift down whilst moving mouse causes view to pan.
Rotate:  Holding Shift+Ctrl down whilst moving the mouse causes view to rotate.
Zoom:    Scroll up = Zoom-in, scroll down = Zoom-out.