Hi Jose,

I merged your branch into master right now. However, I have to check if it works the next time I'm under Windows.


On 05.10.2012 13:13, Jose Luis Cercós wrote:
I developed Windows installer stuff for Ship module:

* Generated ModShip.wxi (GUIDs generated with this tool: http://www.guidgen.com/)
* Included at FreeCADModules.wxs

Can you take a look (sanguinariojoe-ship branch) and merge it if possible (Feel absolutely free to modify whatever you want)?

I have been received a lot of notifications of naval architect partners about this trouble, so try to perform it ASAP please...

-> At the other hand, several modules are in same situation... If you consider that I done fine, I can generate the files for all missing modules if you want.

Thanks a lot!
Jose Luis Cercos Pita

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