Hi Chaks,

On 01.02.2012 17:59, chakravarthi mohan wrote:
Dear Freecad development Team,

I am trying to use the following freecad tar ball to make it compile on Linux 64bit systems.

But for some reason , I am unable to make it work with PyQt4 package enabled.

i.e. after compilation(Complied using gcc 4.1.2) and installation during GUI execution I get following message and many functionalities are not getting enabled of FreeGUI.
"No Module named PyQt4"
So, I assume the compilation of the whole source code was successful. The reason that you can't use PyQt4 has basically nothing to do with FreeCAD but with your python setup.

If you open a terminal window and start a python session just try this:
from PyQt4 import QtCore, QtGui

Have a look to the error messages. It could be that you lack of the "sip" module or that the path to the PyQt4 modules is not listed in sys.path.

Hope this helps!


I am using:
python version => 2.6.7
QT version => 4.6.3
And I have pyqt versiom=>4.7.4 and 4.9

If there is any known solution kindly let me know.

If this e-mail group doesn't handle this kind of request , kindly redirect to correct mailing list.

Thankyou for your help.

Thanks & Kind Regards,
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