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Freddy / News: Recent posts

Version 0.80 released

Hello all!

After a half a year a new release of Freddy is released!
It contains a new syntax highlighter. With the help of the colorer lib it can highlight more than 100 file formats!
Freddy now have users guide, supports UTF-8, it is more stable and have many great new features.
See release notes at

Regards, Ferenc

Posted by Ferenc Moricz 2003-08-29

Version 0.70 released

Hello, this is the newest version of freddy. It have many great new features, more than in any release before! Look at it, download it, enjoy it!


Posted by Ferenc Moricz 2002-11-18

Version 0.60 released

Freddy's new version is here.

Check it, and enjoy!


Posted by Ferenc Moricz 2002-05-31

Version 0.60pre1 released

In a few weeks, Freddy's new version will ready. It will have great new features, and I realized much of the missed functions.

Have a look at it, and enjoy!

Regards, Ferenc

Posted by Ferenc Moricz 2002-05-01

CVS launched!

Hello all!

Now you can allways see the actual state of freddy's developement, because I moved its CVS tree into Sourceforge.

Don't hesitate, try the actual version, it is has many great improvements!

I set a tag name of the imported repository on the Sourceforge: State-0_60pre. It is the first "stable" state.


Posted by Ferenc Moricz 2002-04-16

Freddy 0.55 source fix

I tried the source with GCC 3.0.3, and realized, that a file (Debug.h) produces dozens of warnings. It happens with any compiler newer than GCC 2.95 (e.g 2.96).

If you had a problem like this, please download the fix named freddy-0.55-fixed1.tar.bz2 .

Regards, Ferenc

Posted by Ferenc Moricz 2002-01-08

Freddy 0.55 released

Freddy 0.55 is out!

It contains the console window which is a great tool. Check it and use it!

Posted by Ferenc Moricz 2002-01-07

new module: console

I have written a console module, which can run a 'make' command. If you use gcc or g++ in your Makefile, you can jump simply to the appropriate line of the source where an error occured. So it does what a console window must do.

I think it is extremely useful!

You can see it in the next (0.55) version, which will be ready in about one week.

Regards, Ferenc

Posted by Ferenc Moricz 2002-01-03

Ported under Windows!

Freddy now runs under Windows. I had to backport the code to QT 2.3.0, and now it works with QT 2.3.0 uncommercial edition. Although it is almost sure that the next version, and I don't know if it will be next QT noncommercial release. So I can't guarantee supporting Windows in the future.

Posted by Ferenc Moricz 2001-11-21