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frCoder-lib Alpha v0.10 Released!

First alpha version of the frCoder-lib library has been released. It contains almost all of the significant Code Repository entries.

Posted by silverstarv1 2004-08-23

Repository Submission Process Created

You can submit entries to the repository (frCoder-lib) by using the link below. All submissions will be distributed under the GNU LGPL (see the link for details).

Posted by silverstarv1 2004-08-18

CVS Restructuring

For developers and end-users:
The CVS repository for frCoder will be restrucured. The changes will not be visible in the anonymous pserver checkout of the frcoder module until approximately 7pm PST (10pm EST).

Posted by silverstarv1 2004-08-17

frCoder license changed to GNU LGPL.

As of now, all frCoder files are released under the GNU Lesser General Public License, not the GNU General Public License. The reason for the change is discussed at the ChiefDelphi link below.

Posted by silverstarv1 2004-08-17

Repository Transfer in Progress

The frCoder team is currently transferring entries from the repository to the frCoder-lib package. The latest transferred items should be viewable in the "frCoder/frCoderLib" module of the frCoder CVS repository. A pre-alpha test has been released.

Posted by silverstarv1 2004-08-17

FIRST Code Repository Overhaul

The FIRST code repository (originally hosted at\) will be included in the frCoder-lib package. Details about the overhaul can be found at

Posted by silverstarv1 2004-08-16