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Framewave 1.3 Build Error

  • Jim Paulhamus

    Jim Paulhamus - 2009-03-24

    I have downloaded Framewave 1.3, ActivePython 2.5.1, and Scons 0.97, and have unpacked and installed them all.

    Following the instructions in the Framewave README file, I cd'd to the $FRAMEWAVEHOME/Framewave and ran: 'scons', accepting the defaults as the compile options.

    Within a second or two, the command returns with:

    File: "$FRAMEWAVE_HOME/FRAMEWAVE_1.3_SRC_26NOV08/BuildTools/buildscripts/", line 120

    class fwProject():

    SyntaxError: invalid syntax.

    My system:

    Linux, 2.6.18-53.el5 kernel - x86_64 (Centos 5)
    GCC version 4.1.2

    Admittedly, I'm new to Framewave and Scons. Perhaps I'm missing some environment variables (for Python?). Any help is appreciated.


    • Kalyan

      Kalyan - 2009-03-25

      I was able to reproduce the problem. The problem here is you have not set the 'path' for python or not installed python correctly. Try setting the path for the python. Run the command 'which python' to know if the path is been set properly, the command should out put the installed location for python.

    • Jim Paulhamus

      Jim Paulhamus - 2009-03-25

      Thanks for the response. When I installed Python, I assumed (incorrectly) that the link /usr/bin directory would be updated, but it was not.

      Changing the link to my new installation corrected all.



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