S.P.Kiran - 2008-02-12

This info is intended to help users build FrameWave on 32 bit Linux (any flavours).This change only affects Linux OS.

Technically it should build withoud modification of source but because of differences in <asm/atomic.h> header files between version of GCC on i386 and x86_64 respectively, one need to make a change in FrameWave source file. The good part is that given change is really small.

So, Let's get started with following steps

1. Open 'system.h' source file from $FW/domain/common/include direectory.
2. Search for "atomic.h" under FW_LIN #ifdef tag and comment it out so that it will not be included when you build it. Save system.h file back.
3. Build Framewave and here you go with 32 bit FrameWave Libraries

I've tested it on Debian 4.2 / OpenSuse 10.3 / Slackware 12.0 32Bit Linux with GCC 4.1.x.

If you run into any kind of problems, let me know.