Static Libraries for WIN32/WIN64

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Will there be a possibility to download static libraries for both WIN32 and WIN64? I know that there is a way to build them and it is great that DLLs are already build, but I have limited knowledge about Python and SCONT and static LIB will make my boss happy. Thanks 

    • pksv

      pksv - 2008-06-10

      Thanks for the inputs.

      We haven't provided static library for download, essentially because the static library needs could differ.The different needs (configuration requirements) could be "release static" or "release static with debug info" or "debug static" or for VC++ 2005 or VC++ 2008 etc. Moreover it will be bigger file to download too. Hence it may be easier to built it to your needs. But if you could provide me details on how you plan to use Framewave,I be glad to help you.

      As of now you could build Release and Debug Static using VC++ IDE. You need python and SCONS installed though.

      We do have plans to provide more simpler ways to configure, as required, the build system (build flags etc) in our next release ie post Framewave 1.2. If you could provide some more details on your project and how Framewave gets used, it would help us provide better solution to serve your needs.

      Please do let me know.

      Prasad (

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Many thanks for your reply.
      I appreciate the fact that the best way for me is to build it myself, so I eagerly await for changes in build system.

      My projects use FRAMEWAVE to convert various image formats such as YUV to XRGB, process them and then view the result, all in real time (60Hz to 120 Hz).
      I am planning to use static release build of FRAMEWAVE libraries (in x86 and x64 version) which should make distribution much easier.

      Again thanks for reply.

      AMD DTV Division


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