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Frame3DD version 0.20140514+

Frame3DD now incorporates the effect of forces concentrated at reaction coordinates for linear elastic analyses and analyses with geometric stiffness. A new parameter has been added to the input data file to adjust the zoom scale for 3D plotting in Gnuplot. The source code has been reorganized and simplified.

Posted by Henri Gavin 2014-05-17

Frame3DD version 20140514

Computed reaction forces now reflect the presence of external loads applied directly to reaction coordinates.

Posted by Henri Gavin 2014-05-14

Frame3DD version 20140121

Happy New Year!
Frame3DD version 20140121 is released for OSX, Linux, Windows, and, as always, with source code. All changes are listed in ChangeLog.txt. The output data file now lists the maximum and minimum element forces, .CSV file handling and installation instructions have been improved, and the calculation of internal element deformations is more accurate.

Posted by Henri Gavin 2014-01-24

Frame3DD version 20100105

Happy New Year!
Frame3DD now computes internal axial force, shear forces, torsion, bending moments and transverse displacements (in local coordinates) for each frame element. These internal forces and transverse displacements are calculated at user-specified increments along each frame element. This data is saved to a separate output data file for each load case. The internal force data may be loaded into a spreadsheet or Matlab for further post-processing. See section 7.13 of the user manual for more information.

Posted by Henri Gavin 2010-01-05

Frame3DD version 20091203

Version 20091203 includes gravitational loading.
Gravitational loads are distributed uniformly over a frame element based upon the frame elements section area,
mass density, and the specified gravitational acceleration vector.

Posted by Henri Gavin 2009-12-04

Frame3DD version 20091020

This release includes a binary installer for Windows, .zip archives with executables for Windows, OS X and Linux, a .zip archive of source code and a .bz2 archive of source for full development.

Posted by Henri Gavin 2009-10-21

Frame3dd 0.20090210 released

This release of Frame3dd changes the input file
format so that you no longer need to specify names
for the various output files.

Also, Frame3dd now creates a new output file
*.out, instead of appending to the input file.

For more details, see the ChangeLog.

Posted by John Pye 2009-02-10

Frame3dd-0.20020209 released

This minor update to Frame3dd improves support for Microsoft Windows, with a new FRAME3DD_OUTDIR environment variable allowing you to specify where Frame3dd will put its output files.

Posted by John Pye 2009-02-09

Source code and binaries released

We have made our first source code and binary release of FRAME3DD through
the Sourceforge file release system today.

You can access the downloads via

This page should detect your operating system and offer you the appropriate
download type automatically.

Currently there is a Windows installer together with a source-code tarball
which has been tested on both Linux and Windows.... read more

Posted by John Pye 2009-02-02

New project FRAME3DD

FRAME3DD is free software for static and dynamic structural analysis of 2D and 3D frames and trusses with elastic and geometric stiffness. Computes the static deflections, reactions, internal element forces, natural frequencies, mode shapes and modal participation factors of two- and three- dimensional elastic structures using direct stiffness and mass assembly. Graphical output and mode shape animation via Gnuplot version 4.0.... read more

Posted by John Pye 2008-03-20