FrAid 1.5 released

Here is what is new/changed in FrAid 1.5:
- playSound() and recordSound() add real time processing capabilities - check out the demos at
- sampledF() is replaced by samples() and vector()
- mandelbrot starts hulia on left click (controlled by the popup menu)
- change in diff - diff('f(x),0,x); is good, diff('f(x),x); (no second arg) is bad
- the last parameter of "quad" is optional now
- controlVar takes tolerance arguments
- dumpXXX functions renamed to printXXX
- fourier is gone (new spectrum function created)
- rearange arg order of transform3 and iterFract
- rand - new function
- xxxS - new functions
- debugParser function
- eval later is gone
- new meta expressions - {xxx}
- add doesn't add strings any more
- change of priority of <,>,==, etc. (higher than &,|, etc.)
- org.fraid.interpreter.symbtable.functions.assign can be called with a DefinedFunction or a String as a first parameter now
- new string function
- _xxx plot functions are gone and now all functions can take a plugin name
- in all graphics functions the model name parameter moved to be the last parameter
- new packages and some existing classes moved there
- org.fraid.complex moved to org.fraid.function
- org.fraid.complex.SampledFunction is gone, org.fraid.function.DefinedFunction now does both.
- ComplexHelper moved to FunctionHelper

Posted by Ivaylo Iliev 2008-01-29

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