FrAid 1.3 available

Here is what is new/changed in FrAid 1.3:
- Now everything builds properly with jdk 1.5;
- New scripting interface org.fraid.Scripting;
- New FrAid Console working under Unix and Windows;
- the interpreter org.fraid.interpreter was generated using the latest JavaCC 4.0;
- org.fraid.complex.ComplexFunction is a class (not interface anymore);
- the java implemented functions do inherit from ComplexFunction and not Zero;
- new streamlined way to execute FrAid functions from Java or a scripting environment. Now you can use Complex ComplexFunction.exec( Object... args ) which wrapps around Complex ComplexFunction.invoke( Complex[] args );
- A couple of important changes to org.fraid.interpreter.Fraid.Start():
= stops at every end of line character (';'), this means that to make it process a multi line expression you need a loop - see the examples or the main function;
= returns null at EOF (use this as the ending condition of your loop, see prev. point);
- org.fraid.algorithm moved to org.fraid.plugin.algorithm
- org.fraid.symbtable moved to org.fraid.interpreter.symbtable

Posted by Ivaylo Iliev 2006-01-17