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New release: fragistics-1.7.0

A bug was discovered in rawfragistics that led to a segfault when parsing a log file. When invoked through the Perl frontend, fragistics, the program appeared to quit without any visible output. The current version fixes this bug and makes fragistics work once again, a minor bug in the Perl frontend has been fixed as well.

Posted by Roland Kuebert 2016-05-05

New release: Fragistics 1.6.0

Fragistics 1.6.0 has just been released - and only 8 years after the last release!

For a long time, there was no need for an update, but changes in glibc broke Fragistics; release 1.6.0 adapts to the current glibc and you should be once again fine building 1.6.0 using the simple "configure; make; make install" sequence.

Have fun!

Posted by Roland Kuebert 2010-03-27


I published the resurrection edition (v1.5.1).
It works stable for my 1.27g (non-OSP) log files.
I'm working on the bugs that arise with my 1.31/osp logs.

Posted by Steffen Schwigon 2002-05-19