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Anaglyph (stereo 3D) rendering is supported.

fract now supports stereoscopic rendering for viewing with anaglyph 3D-glasses.

The build is unofficial - you can get it from . This is for win32 only - Linux users should download the source from svn and compile. Enjoy!

Posted by anrieff 2006-11-26

Fract 1.07b released

Fract 1.07b is mostly a bugfix release, here is what is different from 1.07a:

* Fixed a bug with the missing balls on the second scene (it appears only on some machines)
* The CPU speed detection is now strengthened (triple-checked)
* CPU is autodetected by the launcher

Posted by anrieff 2006-08-24

Fract 1.07a is out!

The latest version of the benchmark is out, bringing numerous quality enhancements in the rendering. The GUI (fract_launcher) is expanded and now features result browser, result comparison and result sending to the central server. Enjoy!

Posted by anrieff 2006-07-30

New version of fract

Version 1.06a is released :) See the forum for details.

Posted by anrieff 2006-01-03