Toolkit for FpML Processing / News: Recent posts

FpML 5.6 Update

New ZIPs of the Java and C# toolkits with refreshed FpML 5.1 thru 5.6 schemas and the latest coding schemes are available for downloading.

Posted by Andrew Jacobs 2013-11-12

FpML 5.5 Update

The 1.7.2 releases of both the Java and C# toolkits are available for download now. These file contain the lastest FpML 5.5 schemas and published codelists plus a couple of minor rule fixes.

Posted by Andrew Jacobs 2013-07-13

FpML 5.4/5.5 Update

The 1.7.1 Java and C# releases support the latest 5.4 and 5.5 schemas. The code lists for 5.4 and 5.5 have also been refreshed.

Posted by Andrew Jacobs 2013-02-17

FpML 5.4 Update

ISDA has released a new version of FpML 5.4 which we will integrate this week and release as 1.7.

From this release onward we will be encrypting the ZIP contents and users will need mail us to obtain the key. Details will be included the downloads when published.

Posted by Andrew Jacobs 2012-10-18

Repository Changes Completed

The repositories are now correct and the SVN externals defined on the Java and C# roots check out the common Files areas.

The project summary on OHLOH ( has been updated with the new repository paths.

Posted by Andrew Jacobs 2012-10-18

Repository Being Updated

The toolkit project has been updated to the latest Sourceforge platform. As part of the that update the code has been moved to a new Subversion system and the externals references repository are not currently correct.

We are in the process of updating the affected settings and will post again when all the updates are complete.

Posted by Andrew Jacobs 2012-10-10

Java 1.6.1 ZIP reloaded

The Java 1.6.1 ZIP was corrupted when it was first uploaded to the files area. It has now been replaced with a working ZIP file.

Posted by Andrew Jacobs 2012-05-16

1.5.1 Update

The 1.5.1 release contains a few minor bug fixes. The repository has been updated with a few C# files that were accidentally missed out.

The Java source code is going to be rewritten to use generic collections and the rule sets will be resync'd and updated to the latest FpML rules.

Posted by Andrew Jacobs 2011-03-18

Who's using the Toolkit?

Sourceforge is a great service but it gives us no information about who is downloading our software. If you have a few moments please mail us at to tell us who you are and what you are using it for.

Posted by Andrew Jacobs 2010-04-23

1-4-1 Update for FpML 4.8

ISDA published the first working draft of FpML 4.8 yesterday so we have made an incremental update to both toolkits to support it.

Posted by Andrew Jacobs 2010-04-21

Java and C# 1.4 Releases

The toolkit has been bought up to date with the current FpML specifications. We have also included a number of small bug fixes and improvements.

Posted by Andrew Jacobs 2010-04-17

Toolkit for FpML Processing: Java Tookit 1.2 Alpha Released

The HandCoded Toolkit for FpML processing is a library supporting functions for manipulating FpML documents implemented both in Java and C#.

An zip of the current state of the Java toolkit is available for download. This new version supports 4.5 and 5.0 along with additional rules and a few bug fixes.

Posted by Andrew Jacobs 2008-09-10

FpML 4.5 Update

The Java source code in the repository has been updated with support for the new FpML 4.5 working draft.

A few of the new example file contain mistakes and will be updated over the next week.

The C# implementation is also being updated to 4.5 and will include some of the other features already included in the Java version (e.g externally configurable rule sets, FX rules, etc.).

Posted by Andrew Jacobs 2008-09-05

Java Toolkit 1.1 Alpha 2 Released

We have added a second alpha release of the Java toolkit which supports FpML 4.3 LCWD and the new 4.4 WD.

If there are any issues with the code then please post a message in the forum.

Posted by Andrew Jacobs 2007-11-22

Java Toolkit 1.0 Released

A copy of the Java version of the toolkit complete with an example command line application, FpML schemas/examples/test-cases and JavaDoc has been released. Source code is not included but can be accessed from the SVN repository.

Posted by Andrew Jacobs 2006-10-06

C# Toolkit 1.0 Released

A snapshot of the C# Toolkit and its example validation command line application has been added to the file release area. All the source is online in the Subversion repository.

Posted by Andrew Jacobs 2006-08-09