Pachapape - 2013-03-07


First thank you very much for this wonderfull software.
I'm using it for some month now and I find it great.
I was using an old version on ubuntu with winamax, but when i wanted to use the 0.30 or 0.39, I have problems : bulk import not working on 0.39 (the "auto" mode perhaps not detecting Winamax...), and the hud is not working, no dispay, or problems with position on oldest version (cash game NL2, 5 persons).
I'm also using this software (version 0.30) on windows XP with virtualbox, and everything is working pretty well, but the hud is quite difficult to load with more than 6 tables (slowing everything).
So for convenience and convictions I would prefer to use it on my linux system, Have you got some ideas to fix these problems ?

Thanks for answers