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step by step for mac using dummy :)

  • mach2speedy

    mach2speedy - 2009-02-14

    hi, firstly, i'd like to say that this is such a great idea. i'm just getting into poker, read a few articles here and there and have realised the importance of a poker tracking software. however i didn't want to and couldn't splash out on a $50 software to get me started off. So thanks very much for creating this :)

    now, i've navigated over to the install for mac page and tried follwing the instructions but they seem way over my head. first i clicked on the link to the macports page suggested, but soon got lost, and certainly didnt manage to find the 'dmg' suggested. so i thought i'd try the second set of instructions without it and see if that worked. not surprisingly, it didn't :) here's what i get from the terminal (also finding the terminal proved quite an adventure :)

    martin-cheungs-macbook:~ martincheung$ sudo port install python25
    sudo: port: command not found
    martin-cheungs-macbook:~ martincheung$

    i was wondering, if you could dumb the guide a bit further, i know its hard for you guys to believe, but there are people as dumb as me out there :)

  • Raquel

    Raquel - 2012-08-01

    Hey there, was there ever a response or another thread regarding this? I am a complete mac novice and would love to see some 'simple' instructions too ;)

    This database sounds awesome would be great if i could give it a test run…and my poker game would also be greatful!

    Thanks :)



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