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fpc-mips: 0.90 Released

This is an attempt to port FPC to MIPS architecture.
The source code is based on FPC 2.00.

At present, this compiler only supports static linking.
It can compile the compiler itself and the base runtime library on a MIPS machine running Linux.
Several examples are also included in this ZIP file.
They are hello.pas, WETS.pp, magic.pp and bench.pas.

The original FPC 2.00 sources include many examples, a lot of them can be used to test this compiler too.
This alpha 0.90 version can be used as a base for further development.
In order to compile Lazarus, the compiler must support shared libraries, that means a lot of work to do.
The development of this compiler will continue.... read more

Posted by davzhcn 2007-12-22