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Beta Release v.76

-Fixed bug introduced in v.75 for win screen

Posted by Matt Stephen 2014-04-20

Beta Release v.75

-Removed blur from backgrounds
-Fixed display of stats page with large numbers
-Play again message won't display if win screen (fireworks display) is up
-Win sounds loop until stopped (by closing the win screen window)
-The timer no longer runs after the game is over
-Removed ambiguity for button clicks on two-button mice
-Added right click to view full card on columns

Posted by Matt Stephen 2014-04-20

Beta Release v.70

-Added tool tips to difficulty radio buttons that show how many times you may go through the deck
-Added option to stop prompting update notice
-Removed duplicate play again message when timer is enabled
-Centered top times dialog
-Cancelling the save option no longer closes the game

Posted by Matt Stephen 2014-04-20

Beta Release v.63

-Fixed timer decreasing when game is loaded

Posted by Matt Stephen 2012-06-16

Beta Release v.62

-Fixed checking win condition (finished games will be detected again)

Posted by Matt Stephen 2012-06-15

Beta Release v.61

-Added "Best Times" to menu
-Made layout change to time scoreboard
-Changed code for timer display
-Added timer continuity for game continues

changes by pavlosn

Posted by Matt Stephen 2012-06-15

Beta Release v.60

-Added top 10 times score table (by pavlosn)

Posted by Matt Stephen 2012-06-09

Beta Release v.50

-Hints now include placing Kings in empty piles
-Added the remaining error checking to ensure no false options are saved
-Fixed draw count and difficulty not properly loading in all cases
-Number of cards viewable on discard pile will now be the same upon loading a game
-Added full display of 3-card draw discard pile
-Fixed undo where multiple cards were moved simultaneously

Posted by Matt Stephen 2010-12-03

Beta Release v.40

-Fixed clicking draw pile while a card is selected
-Centered popup messages even when game window is moved

Posted by Matt Stephen 2010-04-21

Beta Release v.30

-Added difficulty options (changes the number of times through the deck you get)
-Added separate statistics for difficulty ratings
-Added separate statistics for 1 and 3 card draw (your current stats will be counted as 1-card draw medium)
-Added support for faster deal deck clicking

Posted by Matt Stephen 2010-04-21

Beta Release v.27

-Right clicking the discard pile will show the card directly below the one on top
-Double clicking a card that won't move to its ace pile will move to a cell (if available)
-The timer will start at the first click (instead of at the deal)
-Loading a saved game will keep the number of times through the deck (instead of resetting)
-If a game is saved, the card draw will be the same on loading even if the user changes it before exitting

Posted by Matt Stephen 2010-04-12

Beta Release v.26 Re-upload

As I don't think I have had any downloads for this version yet (as I only posted it earlier today), I have retracted it and released a fixed version under the same name. The fix was with undoing a move while having cards already selected (was broken with the patch).

Posted by Matt Stephen 2010-03-31

Beta Release v.26

-Added highlighted card face images
-Changed clicking of cards to highlight instead of temporarily disappear
-Added double click to move card to its ace pile
-Fixed card positioning (now all stacks are actually within drawn boundaries)

Posted by Matt Stephen 2010-03-31

Beta Release v.25

-Fixed load/save of games
-Added win animation and sounds for a won game (4 midis + fireworks)
-Added "Win Animation" to options
-Added "Win Sounds" to options
-Added new background (3 total)
-Changed backgrounds from .png to .jpg and compressed images

Posted by Matt Stephen 2010-03-20

Beta Release v.22

-Fixed statistics viewing for mac and linux (now truly works cross platform)
-Added auto update checker

Posted by Matt Stephen 2010-03-19

Beta Release v.21

-Fixed undo for single card draw
-Added save game option on exit
-Exitting without saving results in a loss
-Added icon (instead of default java icon)

Posted by Matt Stephen 2010-03-18

Beta Release v.20

-Added support for undoing moves back to initial layout (instead of only a single move)

Posted by Matt Stephen 2010-03-10

Alpha Release v.18

-Fixed display of three cards after undone move (now shows proper amount of cards)
-Fixed save style for statistics (now saves correctly on all platforms)

Posted by Matt Stephen 2010-03-03

Alpha Release v.17

-Added saving of options and appearance for future play
-Fixed display of three cards (if player picks up a card and makes an invalid move, the cards are still displayed correctly) -- Not for undoing moves, yet

Posted by Matt Stephen 2010-03-01

Alpha Release v.16

-Fixed change to draw 3
-Added "Timer" to options
-Starting a new game without winning now results in a loss (a warning is displayed to player)
-Added "Reset" to statistics
-Game Window is no longer resizable
-Added notification to players for changing options (changes take affect on the next game)
-Added a preview of appearance changes
-Added "Check for Update" to menu (brings user to sourceforge project page)

Posted by Matt Stephen 2010-02-25

Alpha Release v.15

-Changed default draw count back to 1
-Fixed Streaks not switching signs (a -2 streak then a win would still say -2 current streak)
-Added "Hint" to menu
-Added mneumonics and key accelerators to menu items (same as the Microsoft Solitaire counter-parts)

Posted by Matt Stephen 2010-02-19

Alpha Release v.14

-Added "Statistics" to menu
-Added "Options" to menu (allows switch between "Draw 1" and "Draw 3")
-Added new FRS table top
-Fixed card disappearing if you clicked "Undo Move" while a card was selected
-Fixed cards disappearing if you tried to move multiple cards and failed (move was invalid)
-"Options" and "Change Appearance" now keep settings saved during the same instance of the game

Posted by Matt Stephen 2010-02-19

Alpha Release v.13

The new features for this release are as follows:
-Added "Undo Move" to menu (allows one undo at a time)
-Added new FRS card back and set it as default
-Changed folder arrangement and names
-Added ChangeOptions class, but have not yet implemented "Draw 3"
-Added statistics outline, but have not yet implemented it

Posted by Matt Stephen 2010-02-18

Alpha Release v.12

-Added "About Game" feature to menu
-Added "Help" feature to menu
-Added "Change Appearance" feature to menu thus allowing deck 2 to be used
-Added "Exit" feature to menu
-Added several not yet implemented items to menu

Posted by Matt Stephen 2010-02-17

Alpha Release v.11

This version comes quickly after the first Alpha release to fix a couple bugs and add a new feature.

New Feature: New Game from menu

Bugs Fixed:
-New game does not add a new deck to the back of the old one
-Kings no longer multiply at certain times

Also, a few unnecessary images have been removed from the package.

Posted by Matt Stephen 2010-02-17

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