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Activity Again

We'll it's more than a year overdue, but sometime in the next month I'll finally be getting FotoHound 1.1 posted. Keep your eyes open.

Posted by siriusfox 2009-01-17

Up in the air again

Well I'm not really sure when the next upgrade is going to come at this point. Classes are finally out, and if I can get some extra time I'll see about getting Fotohound fixed up and sent out as the 1.1 release. Ideally before the summer is out, I'll have that out, and have started on 1.2. Really, we'll just have to wait and see.

Posted by siriusfox 2008-06-25

1.1 Release (Ridgeback) by December

As you know, I vastly underestimated the time it would take to produce the Ridgeback release. Currently we're looking at some nice upgrades though.

For starters, I've vastly optimized the code for generating the HTML pages. I'm not sure what kind of figures I'm looking at right now, as I haven't done any official tests, but either way it will mean faster page generation times, and lower server load.... read more

Posted by siriusfox 2007-10-27

Server Backup, 1.0.6 posted.

The sourceforge upload service is now back up. So, I have posted FotoHound 1.0.6, and it is now available for download.

Posted by siriusfox 2007-07-29

Release 1.0.6 Almost Out

I have finished testing for the 1.0.6 patch release. I would release it now, but there is one problem. The upload area for Sourceforge is down, so I can't upload it to Sourceforge for hosting until they fix this. For now, I will email it out to users that request it from me.

Contact me via the Sourceforge contact form.

7-26-07: Release 1.0.6
Fixed issues having to do with missing thumbnails and pictures.
- Made FotoHound more robust.
Fixed infinite loop bug, that could occor.
Fixed but that could be cased by invisible files.

Posted by siriusfox 2007-07-28

Ridgeback release pushed back.

Due to some problems I'm finding in the 1.0.x branch that are becoming showstopper bugs for some people, I'm going to push back my tentative date, to up in the air for the 1.1 release. I'm having some problems not only fixing some bugs in 1.0.x, but also merging those patches with the 1.1 branch (Which was taken from the 1.0.1 release), and then also updating the documentation. To make things easier to upgrade, I've also got some extra script to write to help with the upgrade.... read more

Posted by siriusfox 2007-07-21

Back to 1.0.x branch - x2 Bugfix Release

Well as production of Ridgeback (IE. FotoHound 1.1) steams ahead, a few bugs have stuck their ugly little heads up in the 1.0.x branch.

The first update releasing 1.0.1 was a fix to patch some very minor flaws, that could cause very big problems. They would produce white screen errors, rather than giving error messages.
Then today the 1.0.2 release fixes a packaging error in the 1.0.1 release, and adds one more problem detector. We now check to see if the pictures folder is readable by the PHP script. This should allow much easier diagnosis of problems in configuration. We also fix a minor configuration bug.... read more

Posted by siriusfox 2007-07-14

1.1 Developments so far

Sorry it has been so quite around here for so long, but I've been working on other projects for the time being. I picked up FotoHound again and have begun work on FotoHound 1.1. From this point on FotoHound releases will have codenames. These codenames will be bundled in the Changelog, and the future roadmap of the next release of FotoHound.

As for support for 1.0, I'm getting a handful of downloads a day, I'd like to know how many of you guys are actually using FotoHound, and anything you'd like it to do that it doesn't.... read more

Posted by siriusfox 2007-07-13

1.0 and beyond.

I'm very pleased to announce the release of FotoHound 1.0. This release is really just to get us going. After the weeks its been with no bug reports, and no comments from users, I've decided to push up to 1.0, so we can move on.

So from here I've done a few things. A minor update was added to the Version checking mechanism. And some incredibly minor bug fixes, that I expect maybe 0.1% of the users that run FotoHound. But FotoHound now includes a basic Roadmap file. This shows my predictions for the development of FotoHound. 1.0.x will probably not exist as no bugs have been found so far, so I don't expect any more to pop up until I release a new version.... read more

Posted by siriusfox 2007-03-24


I'm very happy to say that with today being the first day of the second month sense FotoHound 1.0b1 was released we've had more than 300 downloads of various versions and packages for FotoHound. Many downloads have come up in the past 3 days with our addition to versiontracker. Either way this number is astounding. I hope for many more downloads AND REVIEWS to come.

Posted by siriusfox 2007-02-15

Recomended update. FotoHound 1.0b4

I am very sorry for a few problems that came up with the version of FotoHound 1.0b3 I published. A large bug in FotoHound 1.0b3 broke backwards compatiblity and created a few problems. These have been fixed in FotoHound 1.0b4, and as such this is a recomended update for all users. Any problems that anyone has with FotoHound should be reported to the bugs section ASAP.

Posted by siriusfox 2007-02-05

FotoHound 1.0b3

FotoHound has been out for a very short time to the public, I've been running a slimmed down version of FotoHound for quite a while. I'm happy that the few people who have downloaded it have, and I hope thoes who use it enjoy it. I'm working on an update to b4 that will get some crucal bugs and problems that people may run into worked out. Expect an update within the week.

Posted by siriusfox 2007-02-01

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