Foswiki version 1.0.4 released

On behalf of the entire Foswiki community I can proudly announce the release of the Foswiki patch release 1.0.4

Foswiki 1.0.4 is available for download at the following locations

* Foswiki web site:

Since the January release of 1.0.0 more than 100 additional bugs have been fixed.

The number of bugs fixed relatively to the current TWiki release has exceeded 300.

The Foswiki development community has focused on getting the first follow-up patch release very stable. We discarded 3 release attempts in the process of creating this release because we were not satisfied with the quality. With 1.0.4 we have managed to make an already stable 1.0.0 even better.

In addition many more plugins and other extensions are now available in native Foswiki versions that have been refreshed and tested and often enhanced. More are added every day. The number of subversion code checkins has passed 3200 now. Work has started on release 1.1.0. In parallel the Foswiki community has branched out a stable release branch from which this 1.0.4 is built from.

Foswiki 1.0.4 is released in two versions. The regular version (Foswiki-1.0.4...) is the full version with all files. The upgrade version (Foswiki-upgrade-1.0.4...) contains the full file package except the files that you will typical have tailored in your installation and do not want overwritten when you upgrade. The upgrade package will upgrade 1.0.0 to 1.0.4 simply by copying all the files in the upgrade package on top of the existing 1.0.0. The exact steps are described on the download page.

The beta testers that installed the discarded 1.0.1-1.0.3 releases can also upgrade using this upgrade package.

As release manager on the project I want to say a sincere thank you to all the many that have worked hard on this release happen.

You should also both when you download and install Foswiki and regularly visit where we will list the more annoying bugs that have been found and most often you will find an immediate solution that you can apply.

We will be many developers that are ready to help you with the installation of (or upgrade to) Foswiki on the IRC channel #foswiki on the network.

On behalf of the Foswiki community
Enjoy the Foswiki 1.0.4

Kenneth Lavrsen
Release manager

Posted by Sven Dowideit 2009-03-19

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