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new file release 0.6.1

fixes some minor bugs:
- Fortran95 compliance: g95 -std=f95 working again
- PI-Controller: broken time step adjustment
- binary source term: missing constant

Posted by Tobias F. Illenseer 2014-06-02

new file release 0.6.0

several new features, enhancements and bug fixes, including:
- high order time stepping schemes
- spectral poisson solver using fftw
- advection schemes with inertial angular momentum transport
- subgrid-scale model for turbulence
- automatic documentation with doxygen

Posted by Tobias F. Illenseer 2014-04-09

new file release 0.5.1 uploaded

fixes some minor bugs including:
* program abort if adaptive step size control is disabled
* wrong boundary flux summary when program terminates

Posted by Tobias F. Illenseer 2012-04-19

new file release 0.5.0 uploaded

* modified build procedure: fosite compiles as a library now
* 5th order time stepping schemes implemented
* new python wrapper 'baldr'
* simple python-based plot script
* various bug fixes and performance enhancements

Posted by Tobias F. Illenseer 2012-02-15

new file release 0.4.0 uploaded

* multigrid Poisson solver rewritten
* adaptive time step control implemented
* enhanced performance in multipole expansion modules
* several bug and performance fixes

Posted by Tobias F. Illenseer 2011-04-18

new file release 0.3.4 uploaded

* several bug fixes, some of them are critical
* fixes a bug that caused deactivation of boundary modules in serial version
* some performance enhancements
* fixes a performance problem with VTK io on NEC SX9 and possibly other computers with unbuffered io
* it is strongly recommend to update to this version

Posted by Tobias F. Illenseer 2010-12-22

new file release 0.3.3 uploaded

- better parallel performance
- MPI partitioning algorithm rewritten
- MPI communication modified

Posted by Tobias F. Illenseer 2010-11-26

new file release 0.3.2 uploaded

-several bug fixes
-support for openmpi added (
-modified configure / build procedure with automatic dependency generation

Posted by Tobias F. Illenseer 2010-10-14

new file release uploaded

some of the new features of the latest release 0.3.1
* multigrid poisson solver implemented
* VTK file format for output data files (
* new geometries with logarithmic scale
* far-field boundary conditions

Posted by Tobias F. Illenseer 2010-08-27