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Version 0.3.1 of Encore is now available

Version 0.3.1 of Encore is now available.

Noteworthy changes in this version:
- ECLoggingConfigurationFactory added. This class makes initialization of
ECLogging easier by encapsulating the XMLControl setup. See ECLoggingTESTS.m
- macros for assign, retain etc. added
- define "MACOSX" added indicating os x environment
- now building universal framework
- switched to XCode 2.4
- Configurations "Development" and "Deployment" introduced
- script added for the creation of source distribution

Posted by Oliver Langer 2007-11-08

Version 0.2.1 of BDB is available

This version contains a fix of a bug in version 0.2.0.

Posted by Oliver Langer 2006-08-31

Version 0.2.0 of FT is available

Noteworthy changes in this version:
- FTExport tool added. Using this tool it is now possible
to export the whole content of a graph.
- FTImport tool added.
- FTControlCmdLine added, which lists existing graphs
and allows to remove certain graphs at present.
- Logging has been integrated using ECLogging.
This logging can flexibily be configured by the
ftconfig.xml file and is based on ECLogging of
- It is now possible to fetch the "incoming" nodes of
a node. Incoming nodes are those which reference that
node (FTNode::incomingNodes).
- Nodes can now be removed from a graph
- All nodes of a graph can be queried now
- incoming and outgoing edges can now be fetched
from a node.
- FTGraphManager now supports a method
"allGraphIds" which allows to fetch all graph ids
stored in the database
- License changed. Now using "GNU Lesser
General Public License"... read more

Posted by Oliver Langer 2006-08-27

Version 0.2.0 of BDB is available

Noteworty changes in this version

- License changed. Now using GNU Lesser
General Public License.
- integration of ECLogging started

Posted by Oliver Langer 2006-08-27

Version 0.3.0 of Encore is available

Version 0.3 of Encore is now available.

Noteworthy changes in this version:

- ECStandardOutput for writing to stdout added.
- ECEnumeratorIterator added. Nice class which is definitely needed...
- Rules can now be customized within the ECXMLController by modifying the underlying ECXMLControlRuleSelector
- ECXMLControl supports handling of parsing errors.
- License changed. Now the library is available under LGPL. Please refer to LICENSE for license details.

Posted by Oliver Langer 2006-08-27

Version 0.2.0 of Encore is available

Encore functions as the base library for FT and can be used in other projects too.

The new release especially supports a flexbile logging mechanism which can be compared to log4j in some degree.

The new release also contains parameterizable strings, StringUtils etc. In addition a first version of a document is checked in.

For additional information please refer to the change log and the readme.

Posted by Oliver Langer 2006-02-21

Version 0.1.0 of 42

Hi there,

version 0.1.0 of FT is available. The provided archives represent a snapshot of the implementations, which are likely to be unstable.

Please refer to the README and INSTALL files of FT for further information.

The project homepage is to be found at


Posted by Oliver Langer 2006-01-16

Going to release 0.1

Hi everybody,

a major test (checkin of a whole directory) ran successfully! Now the next step must include the port to gnustep. Afterwards we are prepared to categoize the whole stuff..

Posted by Oliver Langer 2005-11-14

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