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fortress 0.7.5 released

fortress 0.7.5 released with some new features.
A nice animation is visible.

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2007-04-24

CPU frequency test

I added a function that detects CPU frequency :)
It works as follows:
1-Read current time strap counter.
2-Wait 1 sec.
3-Read current time strap counter again.
5-Divide by 1000000.
6-You got frequency in Mhz.

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2007-03-06

CPU ID MMX and SSIMD support

After support for Intel's x87 FPU finished a plan for cpu capabilities identification and support for MMX and streaming SIMD.

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2007-02-26

x87 FPU support

initial support for x87 FPU support will be avaliable. Which includes a lazy FPU context switch. And some libraries support.
Reading Intel's manual :)

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2007-02-20

fortress 0.7.0 released

fortress 0.7.0 released see change log for more info.

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2007-02-09

fortress 0.6.7 about to release

fortress 0.6.7 about to release with PCI devices support, take care!

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2007-02-01

PCI devices

some useful PCI work will be finished soon.
1.PCI devices probing.
2.PCI devices listing.

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2007-01-23

Site update

Website for Fortress OS is under update and reconstruction.

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2007-01-02

fboot 0.1

fboot 0.1 released
fboot is still a limited boot loader.
Enjoy it.

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2007-01-01

fortress 0.6.2 released

fortress 0.6.2 released
patch for fortress fortress 0.6.0
only some support for console driver scrolling.
and small enhancements

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2007-01-01

fortress 0.6.0 released

fortress 0.6.0 released

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2006-12-12

fortress 0.6 will be released soon

fortress 0.6 will be released soon.
Support for visa display driver using VBE calls from boot loader

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2006-12-09

Vesa VBE support

and finally vesa vbe support will be included in the plan and work will be funny!!

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2006-12-05

boot loader finished :)

after tiring job Boot Loader finished!!!!!
it's name is fboot and it can now successfully load Fortress OS

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2006-11-27

boot loader

boot loader for fortress os why not?

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2006-11-23

fortress os 0.5.5 released

fortress os 0.5.5 released
support for path search and some stuff such as playing with palette.

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2006-11-20

fortress 0.5.5 will be released soon

fortress 0.5.5 on the way:
1-support for path searching.
2-support for read/write for files.

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2006-11-17

fortress os 0.5.2 released

This is the most stable version of fortress os has ever released with all bugs fixed except if memory below 16 MB.
Now fortress have a funny stable mouse pointer moving over console screen.
Tested on 4 simulators and a real hardware and seems working fine.

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2006-10-30

fortress os 0.5 released

fortress o.5 released with basic support for FAT 12 file system. you can see directory listing and searching functions working.

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2006-10-25

working on file system

current work is on file system. implemented read root directory. other stuff to come.

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2006-10-21

patch 0.4.1 released

patch 0.4.1 released with memory managment bug fixed.

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2006-10-17

fortress 0.5 will be released soon

as subject: fortress 0.5 will be released soon
I will try to release fortress in about 2 weeks

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2006-10-14

No news

No news good news

Posted by Mohamed Mohab 2006-09-27

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