#873 Revert transition to new interface


We requested transition to new project interface, but it turned to be really problematic for us, especially with the new issue tracking system.

Could you please roll bal the transition. We understand that there will be an information loss.


Site Support: #767


  • Willem Jan Palenstijn

    I would like to clarify that last line: loss of any /post-upgrade/ updates won't be a problem.

  • Anonymous - 2012-10-04

    I've reverted your project. Could you also clarify just what sort of problems you were having? So we can figure out how to fix those?

    Chris Tsai, SourceForge.net Support

  • Anonymous - 2012-10-04
    • status: unread --> pending
    • assigned_to: Chris Tsai
  • Anonymous - 2012-10-10
    • status: pending --> assigned
  • Anonymous - 2012-10-10

    Thanks, it's been a bit busy, so I haven't gotten the chance to yet, but I'll be working through that list and will follow-up with the a list of tickets to address those, or feature requests for the ones that aren't really "bugs" per se.

  • Lonely Stranger

    Lonely Stranger - 2012-10-25

    In addition to mentioned problems:
    1) there is no setting to select default priority;
    2) the old Category field is very useful: if project isn't some very simple one then user (or admin) may select in this field which part of project this bug is related to.
    The (1) isn't hard to live with but bad usability and (2) are big regressions. I'm sorry.

    Last edit: Lonely Stranger 2012-10-25
    • Anonymous - 2013-04-19

      Since you've posted this message:

      1. For any select field (which is what the priority is migrated to), if you specify the field name with a * before it, it will be the default.
      2. The category is indeed migrated
      • Lonely Stranger

        Lonely Stranger - 2013-04-20
        1. Wait. What you mean? There is no priority anymore? It was there in early versions of tracker and it sure is helpful, especially if it is colorized (the feature every decent tracker has, including existing SF.net one which you want to deprecate).
        2. I could not find category in any project tracker so far. And I cannot find any category setup as well as category selection in 'Edit ticket' window.

        Probably I should open tickets for both of those features. It is very bad that you've dropped features that are used by people and people should fight for them afterwards. Word 'upgrade' usually means you go into new version of software which supports usage of old version but has bugs fixed and/or new features. Your 'upgrade' isn't really upgrade but rather a big downgrade since it lacks many of features of former version. It is very bad since you don't offer old version in parallel.

  • Willem Jan Palenstijn

    Just to clarify: "Lonely Stranger" is not affiliated with ScummVM.

    • Lonely Stranger

      Lonely Stranger - 2013-04-20

      I'm sorry for intervention into this ticket. Will not anymore.

  • John Barrett

    John Barrett - 2015-10-06
    • status: assigned --> fixed
  • John Barrett

    John Barrett - 2015-10-06

    Durning a ticket review process I saw this ticket, so I apologize for the delay in my reply to this ticket. I think this is an old issue that has already been taken care of if I'm mistaken please let me know and I will take another look into your situation.
    SourceForge Support


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