#8120 SF search function


If I search the name of a project of mine (SystemC-WMS) with the "Search" function in SF, my project is the twenty-second in the result list.
Some of the projects that come first in the list have a part of the name in common (WMS or SystemC), but some of them have nothing in common (e.g. "Winery Management").

Why to have the exact same name is so relevant for you to put it in twenty-second position ?



  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2014-07-09
    • labels: --> engr, nf-7555
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    • assigned_to: Chris Tsai
  • Simone Orcioni

    Simone Orcioni - 2014-10-02

    OK, but why If you search "SystemC WMS", "Winery Management" should come 19 position before "SystemC-WMS" ?

    And why the only answer that contains both words "SystemC" & "WMS" should come at twenty-third position, after projects that does not even have downloadable files?

  • John Barrett

    John Barrett - 2015-10-09
    • status: assigned --> self-service

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