#623 Project upgrade silently changes issue numbers


Issue numbers from the sourceforge bug tracking system prior to migration did not migrate in project upgrade, and description of upgrade consequences did not warn of this.

As a test of the project upgrade path, I upgraded the sarmanager project. The consequences of upgrade appear to be poorly documented in the requests for projects to upgrade. One severe side consequence is the renumbering of issues in the sourceforge issue tracking system.

For example, what was issue: 3484452 has become issue 21, breaking crossreferences between the issue tracker and svn commit messages. Thus the commit message in https://sourceforge.net/p/sarmanager/code/35/ can no longer be related to the relevant issue: https://sourceforge.net/p/sarmanager/bugs/21/

A requirement of the migration of an issue tracking system which exposes issue numbers is the retention of issue numbers. Issue numbers may be referenced in many arbitrary places outside of the issue tracking system itself.

I'm not going to be able to upgrade other projects until this issue has been resolved.


Site Support: #637


  • Anonymous - 2012-09-18
    • labels: --> engr, nf-4968, forge, p3
    • status: unread --> assigned
    • assigned_to: Chris Tsai
  • Paul J. Morris

    Paul J. Morris - 2012-09-19

    Thanks. That redirect is a real help. At least for this project (where there aren't that many issues, shouldn't be hard to work out the cross references).

    Do you expect the redirects to work long term?

    Definitely something to document and consider for the overall migration path.

  • Anonymous - 2012-10-24

    Okay, the changes are live for [allura:tickets:#4968]. This means that in addition to the redirect I mentioned earlier, we also have redirects like the following working:
    https://sourceforge.net/p/sarmanager/bugs/3484452 -> https://sourceforge.net/p/sarmanager/bugs/21

    Also, we do plan to have the redirects remain long term, both the new ones and the old.

    For new migrations, we also now index the old ticket IDs in the ticket search, so a search for the old ID will return the ticket as a result. If that's important for you as well, we'd need to run a re-index of your project's search info.

    Do you want us to do that? Let me know.

    Chris Tsai, SourceForge.net Support

  • Anonymous - 2012-10-26
    • status: assigned --> pending
  • Anonymous - 2012-11-02
    • status: pending --> fixed
  • Anonymous - 2012-11-02

    Okay, I'm assuming you don't need the re-index. If you'd like us to do that in the future, please log a new ticket and reference this one.

    Chris Tsai, SourceForge.net Support


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