#5687 Cache synchronization issues with "Download" button


I have observed this issue before but have never reported it. The "Download" button on some projects, in some areas, may not update and provide an old version and link for a long time, despite the rest (i.e. "Recent Releases") updating properly.

I could reproduce this issue on the ECLS page using three Canadian ISPs (Bell, Cooptel, Teksavvy). However, in other areas, the page is fully up to date including the "Download" button: successfully tested from Shore Network Technologies (Hurricane Electric) in California, and someone tested from Madrid for me (from an unknown ISP).

It therefore likely is a cache synchronization issue with particular region-specific content providers.



  • Anonymous - 2013-10-24
    • status: unread --> pending
    • assigned_to: Chris Tsai
  • Anonymous - 2013-10-24


    The presented download appears to be correct to me. Can you specify, what download are you seeing and what download is expected? And on which pages are you seeing the incorrect file being presented?

    Chris Tsai, SourceForge.net Support

  • Matthew Mondor

    Matthew Mondor - 2013-10-24

    The version shown at http://sourceforge.net/projects/ecls/?source=directory remains 12.7.1 on the download link (shown in red in the screenshot), while it is expected to be the latest release, 13.5.1.

    As previously specified, the proper version is displayed from an ISP in California, but the wrong version remains on three different Canadian ISPs.

    However, in the "Latest Releases" section, the data is always up to date.
    Only the "Download ecl..." link (usually green, but shown in red on the Lynx screenshot) seems affected.

    Thanks again,

  • Anonymous - 2013-10-24

    Okay, the issue does not appear to be due to caching, and the ISP appears to be a red herring. Rather, this issue appears to be stemming from the default download setting configured in an unexpected manner.

    In particular, while the 13.5.1 download is set as the default download for almost all identifiable Operating Systems, the 12.7.1 file is set as the default download for "Others".

    This means that when we are not able to determine the operating system of the user, the 12.7.1 file is being presented as the default download due to that setting (we generally try to determine OS via the User-Agent string, though there may be other factors considered as well).

  • Matthew Mondor

    Matthew Mondor - 2013-10-25

    You were right, and now that I have admin access to this project I could go and check "others" for the latest release, which worked. Thanks a lot for the support, and my apologies for assuming the issue had to do with caching (my experence with managing SF projects is very limited). This ticket can be considered solved.

  • Anonymous - 2013-10-25
    • status: pending --> self-service
  • Anonymous - 2013-10-25

    No worries, it's my job to read in-between the lines. ;)

    Glad to hear that worked for you and have a nice day.

    Chris Tsai, SourceForge.net Support


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