#4265 Please change project Unix name


Please change the unixname of mafia-ocd to bale-ocd

Thank you!


  • Anonymous - 2013-06-04
    • labels: --> engr, siteops, p2, so-53432
    • status: unread --> assigned
    • assigned_to: Chris Tsai
  • Anonymous - 2013-06-04

    I tried renaming this project, however there was an issue with the rename. I'm escalating this to our operations team to sort out.

    Chris Tsai, SourceForge.net Support

  • Bale

    Bale - 2013-06-05

    Well, I see that the code repository is now at bale-ocd so I can inform people to access it from my preferred unixname. I'll wait for the project page to catch up. It's weird having them at different unixnames, but I can live with it for now.

    Thank you, Chris. Good luck, Operations Team.

  • Bale

    Bale - 2013-06-06

    Oh dear. I thought I was okay, but it turns out that while I can update from bale-ocd I cannot commit changes to my project. :(

    Please help, Operations Team!

    Last edit: Bale 2013-06-06
  • Bale

    Bale - 2013-06-10

    I apologize for all the trouble, but I have grown impatient after several days of not being able to update my repository. In order to solve my own problem I have created a new project with an acceptable unixname.

    Instead of renaming this project please delete both https://sourceforge.net/projects/mafia-ocd/ and the https://sourceforge.net/projects/bale-ocd code repository.

    At least this solution is simpler so I hope you aren't too annoyed that the original request was rendered moot.

  • Zangune

    Zangune - 2015-01-15

    Hi, Mafia OCD Inventory Control is still here and should be removed.

  • John Barrett

    John Barrett - 2015-10-08

    Durning a ticket review process I saw this ticket, so I apologize for the delay in my reply to this ticket. I think this is an old issue that has already been taken care of if I'm mistaken please let me know and I will take another look into your situation.
    SourceForge Support

  • John Barrett

    John Barrett - 2015-10-08
    • status: assigned --> fixed

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