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  • Amir Hammoutene

    Amir Hammoutene - 2014-07-03

    Hi everyone,
    Here is my project page :

    It's a freeware which recognizes via internet the music played by your speakers on a Windows PC.
    Please try it!

    The default language is english, and, as I'm french, I made the french translation.
    But I want my freeware to be used (comfortably) by many people around the world ^^
    So I would need some help for translating it in any language if you can.
    There are 22 sentences to translate, I put between asterisks (*) name of compagnies or websites and between parentheses (()) description of the context:

    a) unknown (as an unknown music, undentified, 'inconnue' in french)
    b) Register on Echonest to get an API key ('get' as to receive, 'obtenir' in french, key as a code a or a number, API as Application programming interface but if possible in the language tranlated, keep 'API' for the translation)
    c) Text file (as a computer file in text format .txt)
    d) Table (a table contains data, surrounded by lines, 'tableau' in french)
    e) Special list (a list contains multiples lignes, a special list for special songs that we want to see in the list)
    f) Search on Youtube ( = look on the Youtube website for the title of the music played)
    f',f'') Search on Grooveshark, Search on Amazon
    g) Search for remixes on Soundcloud (remixes as a song modified by another artist)
    h) Search for lyrics on SongLyrics (lyrics as what it is said by the singer in the song, 'paroles' in french)
    i) Search for tablature on UltimateGuitar (tablature as a music sheet containing musical notes, this website is very used for guitar or piano tablature -- sorry I don't really know how to explain the word tablature)
    j, j') Search for the artist on Wikipedia, Search for the artist on Discogs ( = look for the artist articles, the one who made the music)
    k) Search for the Facebook fan page ( = look for the fan web page of the artist on Facebook, a fan as a man who likes the artist a lot)
    l) Save in your special list (as write down on the special list file tranlated in e) the description of the song played, 'enregistrer' in french)
    m) About (as more information about the software, 'à propos' in french)
    n) Quit (as exit the software, 'quitter' in french)
    o) Ready (as in stand by for the capture of the sound, 'prêt' in french)
    p) Capturing... (as saving in a .mp3 file the sound played by speaker via a program)
    q) Analyzing... (as identifying the sound via a web service)
    r) Made in June 2014 Amir Hammoutene, (made as developed, then it's my name and my mail, mail between parentheses if possible)
    s) Enter your API key (enter as fill in or save, API key explained in b))

    That's all!
    Thank you very much for your help,
    Je vous remercie pour votre aide,
    شكرا لكم على مساعدتكم
    Ich danke Ihnen für Ihre Hilfe,
    Gracias por su ayuda,
    Спасибо за вашу помощь
    ... generated by Google Translate, sorry for mistakes !!

    • Ali Hajiabadi

      Ali Hajiabadi - 2014-08-19

      This is the translation in Persian if you still looking for the translations.
      Please note that Persian is a Right To Left language (like Arabic and Hebrew), so some of the words are not shown in their right place in the post (which is LTR). Just copy and paste these phrases and show them in RTL style ;)
      In section R there is your name in Persian in between the double quotations. You could replace it with R' which shows your name in English.

      Since you are French, I assume that you don't pronounce the first H in your lastname? Right?

      a) نامشخص
      b) برای دریافت کلید API در Echonest ثبت نام نمایید.
      c) فایل متنی
      d) جدول
      e) فهرست آهنگ ها
      f) جستجو در Youtube
      f' f") (جستجو در Grooveshark , جستجو در Amazon , ...)
      g) جستجوی ریمیکس در Soundcloud
      h) جستجوی متن آهنگ در SongLyrics
      i) جستجوی برگه نت در UltimateGuitar
      j) جستجوی هنرمند در Wikipedia
      j') جستجوی هنرمند در Discogs
      k) جستجوی طرفداران در Facebook
      l) افزودن به فهرست آهنگ ها
      m) درباره نرم افزار
      n) خروج
      o) آماده
      p) در حال دریافت صوت ...
      q) در حال آنالیز ...
      r) طراحی توسط "امیر اموتن" (، ژوئن 2014
      r') طراحی توسط "Amir Hammoutene" (، ژوئن 2014
      s) کلید API خود را وارد نمایید.

    • lucio

      lucio - 2014-10-08

      a little help with Italian:

      d) TABELLA
      h) CERCA TESTO CANZONE SU SongLyrics
      i) CERCA TABLATURA SU UltimateGuitar
      j) CERCA ARTISTA SU Wikipedia/Discogs
      k) CERCA PAGINE DEI FAN SU Facebook
      n) ESCI
      o) PRONTO
      p) APRI BRANO
      q) ANALIZZA
      r) FATTO A GIUGNO 2014 DA Amir Hammoutene ; CONTATTARE:


      Last edit: lucio 2014-10-08
  • Oliver

    Oliver - 2014-07-17

    Bon Soir

    this is my translation to German language. I chose the more formal "Sie" which corresponds to the French "vous", instead of the informal "du" - which would have corresponded to the French "tu".

    For n) and r) there are two options (see below).

    If you chose to use the translation, it would be nice to attribute it to my name:
    German translation / Deutsche Übersetzung: Oliver Huf

    Questions? More strings to translate: just ask!

    Deutsch / German / Allemand
    a) unbekannt
    b) Registrieren Sie sich auf Echonest, um einen API-Key zu erhalten
    c) Textdatei
    d) Tabelle
    e) Favoritenliste
    f) Auf Youtube suchen
    f') Auf Grooveshark suchen
    f'') Auf Amazon suchen.
    g) Remixe auf Soundcloud suchen
    h) Songtext auf SongLyrics suchen
    i) Noten auf UltimateGuitar suchen
    j) Suche Künstler auf Wikipedia
    j') Suche Künstler auf Discogs
    k) Facebook Fanpage suchen
    n1) In der Favoritenliste speichern (save to the favorites list)(more formal)
    n2) Auf die Favoritenliste (to the favorites list)
    m) Über
    n) Beenden
    o) Bereit
    p) Aufnahme...
    q) Analysieren...
    r1) Erstellt im Juni 2014 von ...("Erstellt" is like "created")
    r2) Entwickelt im Juni 2014 von ... ("Entwickelt" is like "developed")
    s) Geben Sie Ihren API-Key ein

    Good Luck with your project!!!


  • Amir Hammoutene

    Amir Hammoutene - 2014-07-19

    Thank u very much !
    I'll mention your name in the readme file for the next version

  • Ivo Herka

    Ivo Herka - 2014-10-13

    Salut, I've made translation for Polish language:

    a) nieznana (muzyka), nieznany (utwór) (first stands for unknown music, latter for unknown song. If you want to prompt message in case some song cannot be undentified I would suggest "utwór nieznany", in this order)
    b) Zajerestruj na Echonest aby otrzymać klucz API
    c) Plik tekstowy
    d) Tabela
    e) Lista specjalna
    f) Szukaj na Youtube (Szukaj na Grooveshark, Szukaj na Amazon)
    g) Szukaj remiksów na Soundcloud
    h) Szukaj tekstu na SongLyrics
    i) Szukaj tabulatury na UlitimateGuitar
    j) Szukaj artysty na Wikipedii, Szukaj artysty na Discogs
    k) Szukaj fanpagu na Facebooku
    l) Zapisz na liście specjalnej
    m) O nas
    n) Wyjdź (= Exit, but "Zamkij" is used more often, which stands for Close)
    o) Gotowy
    p) Nagrywam... (lit. (I'm) recording)
    q) Analizuje... (lit. (I'm) analyzing)
    r) Stworzone w Czerwcu 2014 przez Amir'a Hammoutene,
    (it sounds a bit awkwardly, there is no good translation for this exact sentence, I would suggest "[Name of the program] Czerwiec 2014, Amir Hammoutene,")
    s) Podaj (swój) klucz API ("swój" stands for "your", but I would suggest to write without it)

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
    Best of luck, Ivo Herka.

  • Ivo Herka

    Ivo Herka - 2014-10-13

    Also: I can provide you with Ukrainian and Russian translations. I will ask my friends for it, if you still need it.

  • Ray

    Ray - 2014-10-15

    In Chinese (Simplified)
    a) 未知
    b) 在Echonest注册以取得API key
    c) 文本文件
    d) 表
    e) 特殊列表
    f) 在Youtube中搜索
    g) 在SoundcloudSearch中搜索改编歌曲
    h) 在SongLyrics中搜索歌词
    i) 在UltimateGuitar中搜索记谱法
    j, j') 在维基百科中搜索作者,在Discogs中搜索作者
    k) 搜索Facebook粉丝专页
    l) 保存到您的特殊列表中
    m) 关于
    n) 退出
    o) 准备就绪
    p) 截取中...
    q) 分析中...
    r) Amir Hammoutene (制作于2014年6月
    s) 输入您的API key

  • LordArpaul

    LordArpaul - 2014-12-18

    If you have any doubt, do not hesitate, just contact me ;)

    a) Desconocido.

    b) Registrar en Echonest para obtener una clave de API.

    c) Archivo de texto.

    d) Tabla (If it is like an HTML table, but it could be CUADRO / GRÁFICO if it is a way of displaying data inside a frame).

    e) Favoritos.

    f) Buscar en Youtube. Buscar en Grooveshark. Buscar en Amazon

    g) Buscar remixes en Soundcloud.

    h) Buscar la letra en Songlyrics.

    i) Buscar tablaturas en UltimateGuitar (It could say TABLATURA (tabs) / (and or) ACORDES (chords)It is not the same).

    j) Buscar el artista en Wikipedia / Discogs.

    k) Buscar página de fans en Facebook.

    l) Agregar a Favoritos.

    m) Información de My Music Recognition.

    n) Salir.

    o) Listo (It could be something like 'ready to go' (LISTO PARA EMPEZAR) )

    p) (Not sure if you mean 'Save as'(GUARDAR COMO) or 'Open with'(ABRIR CON) or just 'Recording'(GRABANDO) or 'Saving'(GUARDANDO) ).

    q) Analizar.

    r) Desarrollado en junio de 2014 por Amir Hammoutène, (

    s) Ingrese su clave de API.


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