Spanish-English translator needed

  • Javier García González

    hi there!

    I need to translate botube2 (IRC Bot) documentation to english language.
    There are only two pages of documentation (in spanish) and my english is very poor to do by myself.
    Would you like to help? Let me know your email and lets do it!



      AYISSI JOACHIM - 2013-09-19

      Yes l need help you translate my Email;

    • Michael Kamrath

      Michael Kamrath - 2013-11-19

      I'd be happy to translate for you, I also need some practice with my own Spanish.

    • Nuala Steans

      Nuala Steans - 2014-01-09


      Please contact for all your translation needs, in all language pairs.


    • Ada Esther Argueta

      I am able to translate from English to Spanish and backwards, I am originally from the Dominican Republic, my Spanish skills are pretty good, if you still need help

      Cell: 704-222-4983

      Ada Esther Argueta

  • MissBitcoiner

    MissBitcoiner - 2013-09-19

    Hi, how are you
    I'd be happy to help you translate
    Feel free to email me at

    Looking forward to assisting you with this.

    Thank you very much

  • miguel herrera

    miguel herrera - 2013-11-19

    Te puedo ayudar a traducir tu proyecto si es que todavia necesitas ayuda.

    Email me at miguel.o.herrera (at) gmail .com

    Last edit: miguel herrera 2013-12-05

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