Translators Wanted for Global Soccer Simulator

  • Boy In Green

    Boy In Green - 2013-04-30


    The GSS project has a number of positions open. This includes at least one translator (prferably fluent in English and one of French/German/Spanish/Italian, though other languages will also be accepted.), however if there is more than one applicant, more will be taken on. At present, GSS simulates league in 17 countries and simulates all results and tables, however it does require some fine tuning and it is my aim to eventually convert this into an open-source football manager. I believe that there is a gap in the market for such a product, as Bygfoot has not been updated for nearly four years and most similar games are shareware or only partially open-source. In contrast, GSS will hopefully always remain completely open-source and free for the public to use. Here is the project site:

    and the project forums:

    If you are interested you can simply reply to this message.

    • Nuala Steans

      Nuala Steans - 2014-01-09

      Please contact for all your translation needs, in all language pairs.


  • Halamix2

    Halamix2 - 2013-08-16

    How many lines need to be translated?

  • Seba

    Seba - 2013-08-16

    Hi Keith, I can help you translating it to spanish.

    Let me know how I should do it.


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