Please test my music recognition app

  • Amir Hammoutene

    Amir Hammoutene - 2014-07-16


    I wish somebody can test my application of music identification (internet needed).

    I really want to know if the table "Music played by all users" has some element.

    Thank u in advance :

  • ANTest

    ANTest - 2014-07-16

    I'm interested in the project. will check it and let you know the results

  • Amir Hammoutene

    Amir Hammoutene - 2014-07-17

    thank u in advance

  • Nigel Horne

    Nigel Horne - 2014-08-19

    Is there a Linux version?

    • Lokrin

      Lokrin - 2014-11-22

      Is there a Linux/Debian version?

  • counter202

    counter202 - 2014-08-21

    yes have elements and updates with my played info.

  • Jan Clemens Faerber

    last time I watched this video:
    Devastation III Cleric ( Templar ) PvP ArcheAge 1st squad ( Целитель )
    A lot of people asked in the comments about the music.

    I remembered that sometimes youtube blocked my audio on uploaded videos because of music in the background (in the gym / screencaps /...)
    So I searched for fingerprint / audio - amazing results with algorithm etc.

    I downloaded Shazam. The 2nd track was recognized after some tries.
    ( Camo & Krooked - Hot Pursuit: )

    But the 1st track got only similar results (see my comments on youtube)
    maybe you can try this video to check if you can get the exact 1st track.

    (PS: your forum post was mentioned in the last sourceforge newsletter)

    Last edit: Jan Clemens Faerber 2014-11-06
  • Sky Command

    Sky Command - 2014-12-30

    Hi, Amir

    I just tested your app. I am afraid the result is a bit less than optimal. "Music played by all users" but I can't tell what exactly it is. Anyway:
    1. The table populated by your app didn't have a header. (Very important.)
    2. Non-English text, especially French, Korean and Arabic text, didn't display well. The problem is that the text received from the Internet is in UTF-8 format; your app tries to display it in legacy codepage. (In my case, it was Windows-1252.)
    3. The recognition quality wasn't as good as I expected. But I guess that's not your app's problem, is it?

    Last edit: Sky Command 2014-12-30
  • Han Kim

    Han Kim - 2015-04-20

    Hi, Amir

    I Don't know if your still looking for testers for your app, but I just followed your link, downloaded and installed your application and tested it
    1. the Application at first didn't pop up or start on my screen, after it finished installing it was sitting in the hidden icons section and I couldn't find it for awhile
    2. Also the menu table that comes up once I click it in the hidden icons section the button at the very top reads "unknown" I wasn't sure if thats where the song title was supposed to be
    3. I registered the API key and played 10 different songs, but it wasn't able to recognize any of the songs I played, the Icon keeps going from analyzing and capturing but it never captured or listed any of the songs that I played
    4. This wasn't an user friendly program in my testing experience, I wasn't able to get it to work, it might because I didn't know how to operate it correctly, I think more detailed readme or instructions on how to work the program will help immensely


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