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Tester wanted, Mainframe, Cobol and/or Assembler

  • BobS

    BobS - 2013-03-11

    I am in need of testers that have some Cobol experience. Personal Mainframe Assistant generates Cobol and/or Assembler code for the mainframe and I need testers to insure that correct code is being generated. Any assistance would be appreciated.

    • Kevin Matesi

      Kevin Matesi - 2013-12-17

      I'm currently pursuing my Master's in Enterprise Computing and Databasing. If you're still looking for assistance feel free to email me:

  • Jim Kay

    Jim Kay - 2013-03-18

    Hey BobS,

    I just stumbled across this old advert. I started programming in 1968 and with IBM mainframes in 1970. I was a systems programmer and I used to write assembler in my sleep.

    Still need help?

    • BobS

      BobS - 2013-03-22

      HI Jim: I am new to so I just got your reply. I can definitely use some help. The system has gone through many iterations of VB upgrades and has been computerized in some areas. Any kind of help would be appreciated. I would like to put the system through the ringer both on the interface side and checking out of the generated code. The code generated is only shells, it does not attempt to put application type logic in the code. If you are still interested you could start by downloading and installing PMA and work with it and see what you think. Hope to talk with you again Soon. Bob S.

      • Jim Kay

        Jim Kay - 2013-12-17

        Hi Bob,

        Obviously I'm even less experienced with SourceForge as I JUST found your reply.

        Please contact me at my personal email address jkay (at)

        Where do I find PMA?


        • William D

          William D - 2015-03-05

          Jim did you get anywhere with this? Back to 2013 it seems to have died. If not, I have OS380 (extension of OS370) running under Hercules, am experienced with assembler/cobol/fortran(various). However, if this PMA? generates for zOS these probably would not help but I'm willing to try if needed. bturner01(at)telkomsa(dot)net

  • jawad

    jawad - 2013-03-20

    jawad akhalqi

    • BobS

      BobS - 2013-03-22

      jawad: I don't understand your post, are you interested in testing?

  • Charles Downs

    Charles Downs - 2013-12-17

    I do not remember who it was, but he said he started with mainframe in 1968, I started in 1964. I used COBOL as well as Assembler. I saved a large financial company with my knowledge of ISAM. I am familiar with Hercules that runs mainframe code on the newer OS's. Please contact me by email

  • Jeremy Boden

    Jeremy Boden - 2016-12-07

    I have COBOL experience from around 1975 - 1985, mainly on ICL 1900 and a variant on IBM midrange.
    Have you looked at GnuCOBOL (formerly OpenCOBOL) - this could be used to syntax check any COBOL code you produce?


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