Cool project in js/node.js looking for a QA lead

  • lexoyo

    lexoyo - 2014-01-17

    Silex, the website builder is used by non profit organizations, small companies and freelancers around the world. More than 20.000 sites are powered by silex, and growing fast. We are competitors of Wix and Jimdo for example.

    Silex is foss and also available online in SaaS mode for free thanks to Silex Labs, our foundation. Silex is in node.js and js, see for more info about Silex.

    We have already a good start of continuous integration, automatic functional tests with selenium, a professional release/build process.

    We are looking for someone to help on this matter, make more tests or it better in any way. Someone who will take the lead, arbitrate the priorities with the small dedicated dev team.

    We do not necessarily look for someone with the skills, we can definitely help you get it straight, learn and understand.

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    • Joe

      Joe - 2014-03-24


      I have experience in Automated testing and manual as well and I would like to help you on this project. Please let me know.

      Thanks, JO

      • lexoyo

        lexoyo - 2014-03-26


        Sounds great, could you please make sure that you can run the tests and
        then come back to me please? Instructions are here


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    • David Arredondo

      David Arredondo - 2014-04-15


      I have a question, this is not a job offer, right?

      Thanks, greetings.

      • lexoyo

        lexoyo - 2014-04-16

        Hi David
        This is very likely to bring you opportunities but it is not a paid job offer.

  • lexoyo

    lexoyo - 2014-03-24


    Sounds great, could you please make sure that you can run the tests and then come back to me please? Instructions are here


  • Oleg

    Oleg - 2014-04-13


    I represent Hitek Computer School - Vancouver, BC private educational institution focused on intensive training in Software QA and Software Testing (Software Testing Methodology, Defect Tracking, Test Automation, Web Testing, etc.).
    As a part of our internship program for Hitek graduates, we send them to various software companies for online internships. Our students work on average 1-4 months or longer FREE. The only thing we ask in exchange, is a reference (in a form of reference letter and/or telephone/email reference) based on the student's performance.
    I can assure you that our professionally trained graduates are completely capable in performing QA/Software Testers responsibilities. I am wondering if you will be interested in having our graduates as Software Testers for your projects.
    Thank you,

  • lexoyo

    lexoyo - 2014-04-14

    Hi Oleg

    Do you know Silex Labs? It is in charge of Silex promotion, communication and community management.

    We have partnerships programs for schools, ways to let the students contribute and enter the OS world, also helping the school promotion and making contact.

    So please contact me directly by email, a.hoyau [at]


  • Tim

    Tim - 2014-04-28


    I would be interested in helping out.

    Please let me know what to do and how to go about doing it.



  • Sree

    Sree - 2014-05-13


    I am interested in doing Automated and manual testing and I would like to contribute to this project. Can you please let me know if I can join the project.


  • Sree

    Sree - 2014-06-09

    Hi Alex,

    I have followed the instructions and have installed Silex and started testing locally and found some bugs. I am updating the GIT hub with the issues that I found. Please do let me know if I am going in the right direction.


  • lexoyo

    lexoyo - 2014-06-10

    Yes you are
    Have you run the functional tests? (grunt test -phantomjs) They fail right now I think...

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