OpenStreetmap to SVG Converter needs Java Developer

  • schu-r

    schu-r - 2013-11-16


    Im just making a Openstreetmap to Mulilayerd Inkscape SVG Exporter.
    The Converter itselve is up and Running (just needs tweaking and Improving)

    But I need some other Functions (Download OSM files from The Website, Good use of the Display of the map, A good looking gui, ...)

    If there is any Java Developer with at least medium Knowledge what he/she is doing and with some free time and perhaps even Interrested in Openstreetmap just answer to this post.

    The tasks are not very complicated and a lot of supportlibraries have been written. is the Main Project is the Main Support Library.

    I have no Problem if some Java newbies want to improve their Skills or tra something new. I will help as much as i can.

  • Yoda

    Yoda - 2013-11-18

    I am interested.

  • Balagopal Kannampallil

    I am interested to contribute to this project.

  • Anonymous - 2013-11-19

    I'm interested as well.
    Is this an open source project ? - there're only jars in your repo ...

  • MikeProg

    MikeProg - 2013-11-19

    I'm also interested on the project.
    Please consider that I'm a newbie on java development but I would like to help and improve my knowledge.

  • Dana Proctor

    Dana Proctor - 2013-12-17


    Did you get some help with the GUI. If not do you have some
    type of outline/graphic of what you wish it to be like? It
    looks very simple and straight forward.

    Perhaps you may be interested in using my lindyFrame project
    application framework.


  • Nachiket Naik

    Nachiket Naik - 2013-12-19


    I am Computer Science Masters student and have 2+ years experience in Java (and Oracle Certified). I want to join this project.


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