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  • Ronnie Hedlund

    Ronnie Hedlund - 2013-12-26

    Galaxy Forces V2 is a public domain multiplayer Gravity Force type game for Linux, Windows and Mac.
    There is currently a test AI player that is to be replaced with a new one.
    Some code for the new AI exists in svn, but it is not yet in a working state.

    The first goal should be to have an AI player that can play the game mode 'race' in an acceptable way.

    The code is c++, graphics is opengl.
    There are some notes on the existing code and the idea behind it, but mostly it will be free thinking to get it to work.

    Project web-site
    To read about the current code
    sorceforge page



      NORMAN DAVIS - 2014-11-24

      I am interested in your project...

  • pooja sampelly

    pooja sampelly - 2013-12-28

    I think I can help. I have a good programming experience in C++

  • Sergey

    Sergey - 2013-12-31

    I'd like to join your project.
    I'm C/C++ programmer in telecom field.

  • Ronnie Hedlund

    Ronnie Hedlund - 2014-01-20

    Thanks for the interest, a little more about the tasks.

    The plan is
    - to get the new AI player working in race at first.
    - maybe fix the networking code so all players are in sync with each other.
    - general cleanup/restructuring of the code.
    - how to promote the project so more people will play the game.
    - any other improvements you can think of.
    There is no timeplan.

    I have written all of the code except code for the new AI, but I feel I don't have the skill to complete the AI or the network sync myself. Still I can code specific tasks, if we work together.

    Regarding the AI code,
    pathfind.cpp and AISteering.cpp are the current AI in the game, it is only experimental code made by me, and it shall be removed/replaced.

    All other code in the AI-folder in visual studio are for the new AI.
    I don't fully understand the code myself, so it is hard for me to explain it. So a first step should be to understand the thoughts behind it.
    I have more notes to help with that.

    The experimental AI is currently hooked in to the game in player.cpp where all AI-code is marked.
    The new AI should also be hooked in to player.cpp in a similar way.

    There are 4 game-map modes, race and dogfight should be possible to make the AI play. The other two are mission and mission_cooperation, which are too complex to try.

    AI Race needs
    - advanced pathfinder that takes speed/heading into account
    done as two steps
    * strategic pathfinder (executed less often),
    * and short range pathfinder (executed often)
    - find the best point to aim for at each checkpoint
    - awareness of other players (avoidance)
    - awareness of computer enemies (avoidance or fire at)

  • shafeeq

    shafeeq - 2014-01-21

    I would like to contribute. My email id eshafeeqe@gmail.com I have 3yrs experience in c++

  • Jake

    Jake - 2014-03-10

    Can you please help me understand something? What level of exper are you looking for in this project? In your experience, what level of experince is required to join any project/be concidered?

  • Derek

    Derek - 2014-03-19

    Interested in contributing too. I know C++, but no real experience. I do have professional experience in Perl, Korn shell scripting, COBOL/JCL/CICS. Thanks.

  • kamil

    kamil - 2014-04-09

    I'd like to contribute to your project.
    I have a little experience in C++, but I'm fast lerning.
    Please contact me at eisenkam@gmail.com

  • Ronnie Hedlund

    Ronnie Hedlund - 2014-04-09

    Sorry for the late reply

    Skill needed to get the AI working is
    - minor c/c++ experience
    - major experience with math/algorithms for steering control
    - want_to_learn experience with pathfinding in a static map
    - want_to_learn experience with pathfinding around moving objects in a map

    Skill for network code
    - minor c/c++ experience
    - major experience for game networking

    Skill for other enhancement/cleanup
    - average c/c++ experience
    - perhaps game gfx and sound

    Last edit: Ronnie Hedlund 2014-07-05
  • james uhe

    james uhe - 2014-05-09

    If you're still looking for people, I might be able contribute when I have the time. I have some knowledge about 3D graphics. I'm not an artist, but I should be able to help. I'm fairly proficient with C/C++. I am also fond of algorithms. I have no experience with path-finding, and little to no experience with game networking.

    Note: I only use Linux, and have no way of testing on any other platform.

  • Harshal

    Harshal - 2014-05-17

    I am having 3 years experience in objective-c programming. I would like to work on your project. My email is harshal.sengar@yahoo.com

  • Ronnie Hedlund

    Ronnie Hedlund - 2014-06-25

    No one has joined, so I post again.
    Please send your interest to join the project to

    huj56745@gmail.com (since the other address is not working)

    Last edit: Ronnie Hedlund 2014-06-25

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