PHP developer (framework or CMS) for MegaGlest RTS game

  • Tom Reynolds

    Tom Reynolds - 2013-08-16

    MegaGlest, an entirely volunteer driven open source real-time strategy game, is looking for a PHP developer with a background in at least two of the following areas:

    • designing and developing a well performing REST interface (for the MegaGlest masterserver) using a modern PHP framework such as Symfony, Zend, Cake or similar;

    • experience with configuring a Drupal or Wordpress site focused on high performance with proxy caching. Sadly we will not have the resources to provide meaningful training so we're not looking for novices but people with existing skills (intermediary or better).

    Please read up on the MegaGlest project before getting in touch: check the forums, an older interview with the current MegaGlest team and the project initiators' recent introductory presentation on MegaGlest.

    If interested, respond here on sourceforge or contact the team as discussed on the website. When you do, please tell us about you, your skills (have you been working on something similar in the past?), and suggest some area you would be interested to work on.

    Thank you,


  • Tom Reynolds

    Tom Reynolds - 2013-08-18

    Thanks to anyone who got in touch so far. We're still looking for contributors here for a while, so if interested, please get in touch until Sun, Aug 25.


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