Python developers wanted for OSS scientific data analysis (PyQt, numpy, scipy)

  • Martin Fitzpatrick

    Hello all

    I'm looking for Python programmers for my project Pathomx. It is a workflow-based scientific data analysis tool, with a particular focus on big-data 'omics' analysis. The software is modular, plugin-based and architecturally quite sane which should make contributing relatively easy.

    It would be great to hear from any Python developers out there with skills ranging from scripting (particularly involving scipy, numpy) up to GUI development using PyQt/Qt who would like to get involved in a fun and worthwhile project. No knowledge of biology is required, though an interest certainly wouldn't hurt.

    The goal is to produce a free, user-friendly yet powerful tool for the analysis of biological data. Hopefully that sounds like a worthwhile use of your time!

    A few more useful links HomepageGithub repositoryDemos.

    Thoughts & comments much appreciated,

    Martin Fitzpatrick

    • DKMudrechenko

      DKMudrechenko - 2014-03-23

      Greetings, I am interested. I have never participated in projects before, however I am very passionate about it and a fast learner. (I know Python, Java, some C/C++). Please let me know if you are still looking.

  • Richie Allen

    Richie Allen - 2014-03-01

    I am interested in helping. I've a couple of years experience in the subject domain and some free time.

  • Jake

    Jake - 2014-03-09

    Can you please help me understand something? What level of exper are you looking for in this project? In your experience, what level of experince is required to join any project/be concidered?

  • Mike Aboody

    Mike Aboody - 2014-03-15

    Hey, I'm up for working on this. I've used scipy before so I may be of some assistance. Let me know if you're still looking.

  • Sorin

    Sorin - 2014-03-19

    Hey, I'm interested. Let me know if you're still looking

  • faraz

    faraz - 2014-04-10

    I'm very interested.Please let me know if you are looking.

  • Sorin

    Sorin - 2014-04-17

    Hey, I would like to join. Let me know if you are looking.

  • Alex

    Alex - 2014-05-10

    Hey, I'm interested. Working as SQA engineer, have some skills in python (testing web apps using python+web driver, and also familiar with PyQT, SQL, Java) and want to improve them and my coding skills:). I have master degree in physics (solid state) which maybe useful.
    I would be glad to participate in your project.
    Please, communicate to me in case you are still looking for a participant.

  • Martin Fitzpatrick

    I missed the replies to this post, though I know some of you have contacted me directly. If you (or anyone else) is still interested, get in touch. The project website has links to documentation for getting started or drop me an email.

    The software has come a long way since I first posted this message, with an academic paper accepted for publication. But it would still be great to get another pair of hands, or two, working on it!

    Last edit: Martin Fitzpatrick 2014-11-23

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