Looking for Internet programmers

  • Nathan

    Nathan - 2014-07-02

    I was in a startup competition and lost, and would like to continue forward with this idea.

    What it is: a "bot detection" network.
    How it could make money: selling of info and tools that act on that info

    How it works: a central network of honeypots attracts bots, categorizes and then sends out threat info.
    Also a decentralized, less trusted network is on the client side. As more clients adopt the bot detection capabilities grow. Key is the machine learning.

    What it will take to get from prototype to product:
    I am aiming for the product to be open source. Its an information economy and its value is collecting and prioritizing information. Right now it is a prototype. It needs more honeypots (which I can get). Id also like a good programmer to bounce ideas off of and help. I don't anticipate making any money off of this, but would divide things equally.

    Commitment needed: mostly I need someone to share the vision. Ive met a lot of capable people that don't and thats ok. The programming part is not that far beyond my abilities but I also have a full time job.

    Technical nitty gritty: Right now prototype is all on two Macs programmed in Objective C. I am using TCP/IP to send messages across internet. Client side (which is what I want help with) can be programmed in C++. Will need versions that work in the three major OSes.

    Rest of story: I did this under a grant proposal at a university where I worked. They could claim ownership but because I did not get grant I am told that this amounts to them passing on it. I currently am an economist at a major bank.

    • Raffaele T. (raffahacks)

      Hello, I can try to beat your system with my bot. it may sound strange, but it will help you to find where bots pass the filter. Are you interested?

  • Sakthi

    Sakthi - 2014-07-15


    I'm currently a postdoc and I process satellite time series data. I have my masters in Computer Vision and Robotics and I have some experience in feature extraction and saliency based object detection. I'm good with the concepts of Machine Learning... So, if you are interested, we can work together and share the credits. I also have experience in leading a software team and actively contributed to all the phases of software development life cycle..

  • Nathan

    Nathan - 2014-07-15

    Sure let me get some stuff in order. I had a whole presentation somewhere.

  • Ander Juaristi

    Ander Juaristi - 2014-07-22


    I like your idea. I don't have extensive knowledge of machine learning, apart from the very basics (neural networks, k-means clustering and little more), but I have a strong background in IT Security. I'm a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and I currently work in a research center. I'm proficient in low-level old-school C and also in Java.

    I'd like to help. If you think I fit the project, please let me know.
    Best regards.

  • kelly R Maruva

    kelly R Maruva - 2014-08-08

    hi there need help!!

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