Big opensource project

  • Borislav

    Borislav - 2014-04-03

    Hello to every one!
    I'm new in programming world with 2 years experience and 3 years with linux os. I decided to star with some project like koding dot com!
    If somebody want to join please email me For this project will be needed people with knowledges :
    php,javascript,bash,linux os,visualization,network management.
    Level of knowledges can be any!Тhe only requirement is creative thinking!!! That is all!
    Lets star this big project with you.


      NORMAN DAVIS - 2014-11-24

      I want in...

  • Krishna Kishore Shetty

    Hi there. I have an account on, and am kinda familiar with it.

    I have intermediate-level skill with PHP, JavaScript, Linux Command Line, and worked on a few small tools. Don't know any visualization or network management though!

    I would very much like to contribute a few hours of my time to this project.

  • Anurag Patel

    Anurag Patel - 2014-05-24

    I have good experience in PHP, JavaScript, Linux, Shell Scripting ,HTML-CSS.
    I have ongoing projects on PHP and mySQL . I am also active at .I would like to spend my time with this kind of projects.

  • Billy Ferguson

    Billy Ferguson - 2014-06-16

    hi, i'm dumb as a stick, but i'll help.....just kidding...let me know what you need.


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