Java developers wanted for unified binary format/protocol

  • Miroslav Hajda

    Miroslav Hajda - 2014-03-08

    XBUP Project is looking for Java developers to help develop prototype / proof of concept of the general binary data protocol.

    Project website:

    The project should provide an binary alternative to technologies like XML with DTD/Schema and it's similar in some aspects to EfficientXML, EBML (Matroska), HDF5, ASN.1/MIB or Protocol Buffers. There is currently partial implementation of the DOM, pull and event parser and some editors for demonstration purposes. Currently NetBeans is used for development, but others IDEs should be fine too.

    Next steps planned in the development are:
    - Catalog of types - web interface for the catalog of data types (using Richfaces/Primefaces or similar technology)
    - Command parser - additional parser to allow access to data similar way like filesystem
    - Transformation framework - service to provide similar functionality to multimedia frameworks (like FFMPEG, GStreamer), but for general data

    If you are interested you can contact me by email or via chat.

    Or if you have any questions or want to discuss about anything:
    - chat in #xbup channel on
    - post your question to forum:

  • Jake

    Jake - 2014-03-09

    Can you please help me understand something? What level of exper are you looking for in this project? In your experience, what level of experince is required to join any project/be concidered?

    • Miroslav Hajda

      Miroslav Hajda - 2014-03-10

      I think it's typically not about levels of expertise (actually what levels are there?). It's more like about taking a look on some project and if you find it interesting then you can search on what tasks are available and pick one. Or you can just find some issue and create solution and send it to authors. There are sure more tips on internet on how to contribute to open source projects.

      Typically there is variety of tasks, some are easy, some are hard with different complexity and experience with related technologies or aspects of language might be needed. Sometimes you can also get some guidance/training from existing members of the project, but don't expect them to spoon feed you too much - it should be more about your activity and self-learning.

      Specifically for this post, XBUP is more like research/fun project with it's primary basis requiring some mathematical background. There is no specific list to complete, but only some general direction where project is heading. It's a prototype currently not used in any production environment so there is no pressure on work being done, but that also means no general impact and no happy users for now.

      But there are for example also some basic Swing tools, like simple text, picture and wave editor which might be good for training. Or there are tons of TODO sections in code, so it's all about if it would be useful for learning/worth your time/fun to do.


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