MingW, Dev C++ and Code blocks on Windows 8(64 bit)

  • Caressa Tumbaga

    Caressa Tumbaga - 2013-02-13

    I am using windows 8 right now. I had installed Dev C++ and Code Blocks, and I had also a compiler of mingW. As I was trying to do some programming, it just don't compile. It keeps on saying that there is an error in "gcc". I even tried doing the most basic which is the "hello world" following instructions I find in the net, but it doesn't work.
    Was it is because I am using the latest version of windows that's why it didn't work out? If it then, do you have any program that would run on Windows 8?
    Honestly, I am still new to this programs. It is my first time to have contact with it. I really don't know what to do on this. We are doing Machine Problem (MP) and it will due this Friday. I really needed help regarding this matter.
    Attached herewith is the program that I have been working on.
    Please do help.

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  • chintan bhatt

    chintan bhatt - 2013-02-19

    try Right click on Dev C++ and "Run As Administrator". or check 32 / 64 bit version your OS n set compiler option that way.

  • skmskm

    skmskm - 2013-05-24

    it's not from windows i got win 8 and working dev C++ 5.4.1 but it likes to crash on big projects. I compiled your code works for me in Dev C++ just added aditional line : #include "stdio.h"

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