Computer Science graduate looking for some experience

  • unfrog

    unfrog - 2014-07-17

    Hi, I'm a computer science graduate from the UK and I'm looking for a project to contribute to and learn from.

    My primary language is Java, but I could also brush-up my C++/C# skills if needed.

    I like to think I have a good overall understanding of many concepts related to software engineering :)

  • Alexander Farley


    I'm looking for people to help on two projects:

    In short: Rsearch performs diffs on graphs (trees) generated from search engine text results. Mostly Rails and Javascript. aggregates measurements from desktop computers which process webcam video to count traffic. This is a combination of C#, OpenCV and Rails.

    I'm looking for a co-founder/colleague to work for a share of the project. Both are intended to be profitable in the long run. I might be able to scrape together some payment, but I'm basically offering ownership share. Feel free to email if you'd like to discuss more:


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