Brand new Java developer seeking first project.

  • Sean

    Sean - 2014-05-01


    I'm currently working on my comp sci degree and would like to get some experience doing real coding while finishing up my degree. I am very new but understand the basics of Java. I would like to help with some of the more simple and less exciting tasks. Maybe form creation, documentation, or cleaning up simple bugs. Please let me know if you have anything that someone of my skill level could help with.


  • shardulc

    shardulc - 2014-06-18

    I have a 'voting machine' program in Java, designed for all types of elections. It has a Swing GUI, and implements a server-client model with multiple clients working simultaneously. There is a lot of room for improvement in this application, if you are interested contact me at shardul.chiplunkar AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!

    • Stan

      Stan - 2014-06-22


      I'm interested in joining your voting machine project. I'm a computer science major and some school course experience with Java and would like to help in whatever capacity possible. If you don't mind, I will follow this up by sending you an email to your address above. Thanks!


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