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  • Michael Schultz

    Michael Schultz - 2014-01-10


    I would be really keen to work with someone who can bring solid programming skills or a fresh perspective, coupled with some mathematics / statistics to my project. I am keen to build a 'Clash of Clans' type strategy game / simulator for small business owners to run their businesses better. It requires a mix of many disciplines maths / statistics, 3D modelling, simulation strategy, multi-players, online secure data, graphics, you name it.

    The theoretical foundation is based on Kim Warren's book Strategic Management Dynamics. This could prove to be a really useful tool for smaller - medium businesses, and who knows -it may revolutionize the way businesses track performance, and they might have fun playing the game / app.

    I want the game to run on Android, iPhone and Windows, so perhaps we could use Xamarin. You'd be the only developer / designer in the beginning, so you would be in a position to build it like you want it. You focus on developing and I'd do the rest.

    I propose many small iterations. I describe the vision step, you design, build and I test. Once we have a simple prototype we'll release often, rapidly to evolve it.

    Looking forward to hearing from you, really keen to get going. Best time is now.


    • Richie Allen

      Richie Allen - 2014-03-01

      are you still in formation mode on this?

  • Amir Ofir

    Amir Ofir - 2014-01-24

    Contact me at

  • DKMudrechenko

    DKMudrechenko - 2014-03-23

    Ready to join. I know Python, Java, C/C++, SQL

  • Sorin

    Sorin - 2014-04-17

    Hey, I'm interested in joining. I know C/C++, Java, Python.

  • Ranjan Dhar

    Ranjan Dhar - 2014-04-19

    Hi, I can contribute. I run a small software company specializing in developing mobile applications. Contact - Skype: ranjan.dhar27, email:

  • Suraj Alok

    Suraj Alok - 2014-04-20

    Hi, I'm interested in joining. I know C/C++,C#,Java,VB and Haskell.


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