Program for Obsolete Medications

  • prderise

    prderise - 2013-05-21

    To begin with, I am no programmer, however I experienced a problem recently
    that was really avoidable with the proper program. Here’s the problem, our
    pharmacist figured out at the last minute that she could not refill a
    prescription that my wife has been taking for over 30 years, it had been
    discontinued by manufacturer. On a personal note: this was a anti-depressant,
    not something one wants to change that is working. When you do find a
    replacement it takes weeks sometimes months to adjust to a different medication.

    I have research the problem and this is what I have found: The FDA
    publishes an obsolete medication list, but it is just a list. Most drug
    manufacturers update this info quite regularly and usually months before they
    quit making it. I would like a program that the pharmacy could use to just enter
    the name of a drug and this program would flag that a drug was about to stop
    being made. Maybe they could run a database of the drugs that they supply
    through this program. So the intended development project would be a conversion
    of databases.
    I may be reached by email
    Phil Derise

  • neetch

    neetch - 2013-05-23

    Hello, I'm an amateur programmer with some experience in Java and C/C++. I'd probably do this in Java as I'm a little more comfortable with that. Not as familiar with database languages, but this looks to be a good opportunity to learn if you're willing to test my work.

    What I'm seeing right now is a database on your local machine that periodically updates itself according to this FDA published list. Alternately, I suppose one could write a program that accepts a medication and immediately visits the FDA site to check the list.

    Both have their merits. A locally maintained list may be quicker to check depending on your internet connection and traffic (wouldn't want a loss of service impeding your ability to make the decision). Then again, checking the site on a per decision basis would ensure the most up to date results. The local database would need to be verified daily or more to ensure a similar degree of accuracy I'd imagine.


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  • Neil Horner

    Neil Horner - 2013-07-24

    Hi Phil,

    This sounds like it shouldn't be too difficult to do. I have a a bit of experience creating websites and working with databases as well and some programming experience (not professional). I could make a website that could be used to query your drug. I think a website would be good so the user doesn't need to install anything and we wouldn't need to worry about different operating systems.

    If you would like me to have a go at this, I'd be happy to create a website and initially host it on a sub-domain of my website. Then if you want, you could possibly buy a hosting package/domain name that I could deploy it to.

    Let me know if this is of interest to you.



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